Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Window Shopping on 1000 Markets

Morning All,

I've been neglecting my 1000 Markets (or IKM as I shall refer to it going forward) shop. I still had holiday pics up! I'm trying my darndest to ensure that it and my ArtFire shop are mirror images of one another, but it's too much work! I've bitched before about listing before, and it's just a pain, but I've got to get it done! 1KM is such a beautiful marketplace. It's very clean and organized. I love how all the pics are professional-looking (you know that's such a pet peeve of mine.) One thing that I really love about 1KM is it is a juried site. You can't just join and start selling. You've got to be approved, so your offerings have got to be on point! Another thing that I love is that the site is not just one, big selling outlet. It's a bunch of markets where you can shop by genre or likeness. I love it!!!

Anyway, I've been doing some window shopping, and why did I wait so long??? I am in love with one particular market called Modern Simplicity. It is so beautiful in its simplicity. I am such a no-frills type of gal, but I do love things with an edge. One shop that I adore is called Tre Anelli Jewelry. Her work is fantastic and artistic. It's wearable metal art. Check out these gorgeous pieces. I'm saving my quarters now so I can score a few. I'll be checking in regularly now with my 1KM window shopping feature.

(Photos taken from Tre Anelli Jewelry)

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