Monday, August 30, 2010


I posted many, many, many posts ago that I was going to be destashing and purging some tools that I no longer need or use. Well, that time has come, and this is the perfect opportunity for budding soap and candle makers and pros alike to get some good deals while the gettin's good. I have molds galore that I need a good home. All of these molds were gently or never used. Here's how it works: I'll list the description, where I purchased it, what I originally paid for it, and what I'm selling it for. The collage is actual pics of actual soaps or candles I've made using these molds to give you an idea of what I'm selling. I'm open to all reasonable offers, and shipping will be determined based on quantity. I'll send you a paypal invoice, so if you are interested in something, please e-mail me at As things sell, I'll mark them sold in BOLD, BRIGHT PRINT. I'll keep a link to this post on the side bar in case you want to come back to it later.
  •  Halloween 3-cavity mold by Milky Way Molds. Each cavity is about 5 oz. Purchased from Wholesale Supplies Plus (WSP). I paid $7.95 for it. I'm offering it for $3.00.
  • 4-cavity scallop heart plastic mold purchased from Go Planet Earth (GPE). Each cavity is about 2 oz. I paid about $5.00 for it, and I'm offering it for $2.00.
  • Geisha 3-cavity mold by Milky Way Molds purchased from either WSP or Brambleberry. Each cavity is about 5.5 oz. I paid $7.50 for it, and I'm offering it for $3.00.
  • Playing card mold by Mold Market purchased from GPE. Each cavity is shaped like a playing card with all 4 suits on them, and they weigh about 5.5-6 oz each. I paid about $7.50 for it, and I'm offering it for $3.00.
  • Thanksgiving-themed, 4-cavity mold by Milky Way Molds: 2 turkeys and 2 pumpkins. Each cavity is about 3 oz, and I purchased it from WSP. I paid $7.50 for it, and I'm offering it for $3.00  ·         Expectant Mother 4-Cavity Mold-African American. Purchased from Chase Molds and made from pliable, heavy duty plastic. Each cavity holds over 5 oz of soap. I paid $14.50 for this mold, and I’m offering it for $6.00.
  • Tea Cup 4-Cavity Mold purchased from Brambleberry. Each cavity holds over 5 oz of soap and is made from flexible, heavy duty plastic, these molds were purchased for $11.00, and I’m offering it for $4.00.
  • Cupcake 4-Cavity Mold purchased from Brambleberry. Each cavity holds 4.5 oz or more of soap and is made from flexible, heavy duty plastic, these molds were purchased for $11.00, and I’m offering it for $4.00. 
  • 3-Cavity Purse or Pocketbook mold purchased from WSP. Each cavity holds about 4 oz or more of soap and is made of plastic. I paid $7.95 for it, and I’m offering it for $3.00. 
  •  4-Cavity Heart Mold with word “Queen” etched in the middle. Purchased from Chase Molds and is made from flexible, heavy duty plastic. Each cavity holds about 4 oz of soap. I paid $14.50 for this mold, and I’m offering it for $5.00. Why only $5.00? While it’s a great mold, it’s a little on the flat side for my taste which is why I no longer use it. 
  • 3-Cavity dog (retriever) sitting in grass mold purchased from WSP. Each cavity holds about 5 oz or more of soap and is made of plastic. I paid $7.95 for it, and I’m offering it for $4.00.
  • Candle/Tart Warmer combo: I have 5 of these-unopened and never used. They are white and comes with a base for your candle and a bowl to burn wax tarts in. I bought these many years ago from Candles and Supplies. I can’t remember what I paid for them, but they normally retail for at least $12.95 or more, and I’m offering them for $7.50-a steal in my humble opinionJ.
  • Heart-shaped metal pillar mold for candle making. I never could master this fete, so I’m offering it for $3.50. I got it from Cierra Candles before they closed shop. I can’t remember the original purchase price. 
  • Silicone muffin mold. Makes realistic muffin-shaped candles or soaps. I paid about $19.95 from Candles and Supplies, and I’m offering it for $6.00
  • 4-Season soap mold. Purchased from WSP and made from plastic. Each cavity represents the 4 seasons and has the Chinese symbols above the seasonal name. Each cavity is about 3-3.5 oz. I paid $7.95 for it, and I’m offering it for $3.00
  •  Silicone 3-cavity candy mold. I paid about $19.95 from Candles and Supplies, and I’m offering it for $6.00.
  •  2-urethane cinnamon bun votive molds. Urethane is a durable, yet less expensive alternative to silicone. I purchased them from Mold Making Handy Man. I can’t remember what I paid for them, but I’m offering the pair for $5.00 or $3.50 for each 1.
  •  2-silicone rose votive molds. I bought them from Candles & Supplies. I can’t remember the purchase price, but I’m offering the pair for $6.00 or $4.00 for 1 mold.
  •   1-silicone mini cake mold. I bought it from Candles and Supplies for $21.95, and I’m offering it for $8.00.
  • 1- urethane tart mold. Has a hollow cavity that you can fill with either gel wax or soap. I’m offering it for $2.50. 
  • 1-8-cavity chocolate chip urethane mold. I don’t remember the purchase price, but I’m offering it for $4.00. 
  • 10, 2 cavity plastic votive holders. These are for packaging purposes only-not an actual mold. They have a snap top closure. I’m offering them for $1.00 each or the lot for $8.00.
  •   1-urethane cake slice mold. I’m offering it for $5.00.
  •   1, 2-cavity urethane cheese wedge mold. I used these to make mini cheesecake candles. I’m offering it for $4.00.
  •  1 silicone “peeled” orange mold. I paid $14.95 from Van Yulay, and I’m offering it for $5.00.
  •   1 silicone melon bowl. I paid $24.95 from Candles and Supplies, and I’m offering it for $10.00.
  •   1 flexible sheep mold. I’m offering it for $3.00.
  •  1 flexible button mold. I’m offering it for $3.00.       
This is just a dent in my purging efforts. I'll probably do another post soon. If you're interested, please drop me a line-all reasonable offers will be considered!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet The Glycerin 5!

I've been wanting to make a glycerin sampler for a while, and I finally got around to it. I love this mold I bought from WSP to make these soaps because each soap comes out perfectly every time. "Why didn't you do a Honey Bar sample" someone asked me. Because I want the sample to look like the regular-sized bar. The Honey Bar wouldn't be the same without the actual honey jar and bumblebee embedded on the soap, so you're going to get 1 each of Chocolatacoconuta, Peppermintal Chocolate, Whorange, Elemonated, and Basmati Rice. Check it out now:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whorange Soap

I used to hate the color orange because I thought it was...ugly. But I've learned to appreciate orange because like blue and green, it comes in many shades: peach, cantaloupe, burnt sienna, blah, blah, blah...

Anyway, here's my new soap: Whorange-just for all you orange whores (and I mean that in a good way). It's scented in orange, cinnamon, and clove-very comforting and autumn-inspiring. I put some calendula petals in it to jazz it up some. I'm thinking of making a limited edition Sugar Bubbles or something cuz this one's too good for just soap..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow, I Don't Feel 39!

So yeah, today is my birthday. I am 39. I feel 29. I wish I were 19. Not because I'm afraid of getting older-far from it, but I wish I could do some things over. Like stayed in college and gotten my degree. Gotten married when I had the chance (But I'd be a widow now...). Not taken so many jobs just for the money. Discovered soap making sooner than later. Traveled more. BUT.....

Today is a new day! I'm so thankful for so many things. I'm alive. I'm healthy. I'm independent. I have all of my mental and physical faculties. I have friends. I have family. And I have YOU. I'm off for a few days of fun and sun. Talk to ya'll soon....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simply Soap

I’m so fortunate not to have sensitive skin to the point where it’s irritated by perfumes or fragrances. A huge part of me is dictated by scent. It determines my mood. It brings back memories of important events in my life. It helps to start and end each waking moment. I decided to create a soap for those who can’t or won’t tolerate a lot of scent in their soap. This one is lightly scented in with the blissful aroma of peppermint and rosemary. I didn’t color the soap at all, but the slight tint you see is from the raw shea butter that I used. Have I mentioned enough how much I now love shea butter? I’m seriously thinking of making it a permanent ingredient in all my soaps, but this stuff is really expensive. I only use raw or unrefined shea butter because I’ve been reading that refined shea butter actually removes a lot of the moisturizing and healing properties its known for during the refining process. I also learned that shea butter is a natural SPF (not significantly so, but every little bit helps!) Loving my shea butter..

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shea My Name Hand and Body Lotion!

Shea my name, Shea my name....Now that damn song is stuck in my head! Oh well, here it is-the prototype of my new lotion. It's creamier (meaning thicker) than your average lotion because of the shea butter-that's unrefined shea butter thankyouverymuch! I'm on a permanent shea trip thanks to my friend over at Shea Bath. Thanks to The Soap Queen for making such a great video on how to make lotion. I thought it would be such an intimidating process, but it's actually very easy. The hard part is deciding on which scents to use.

My testers are hard at work (yeah, right) lotioning themselves up and down. I have them testing for consistency, texture, feel on the skin, and scent, of course. Personally, in my completely unbiased opinion, these lotions are the bomb! I've been using it for a week, and my skin just drinks this stuff up! My cuticles are blessing me right now because they're like "What took you so long to make this freakin' stuff?" If all goes well, I hope to have these listed by month's end.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Autumn Preview: Caramel Apple

I made this soap on a whim last year, and it was a big hit so I just had to do it again! I love caramel apples and could literally eat a dozen of them-but it has to be the green apples (granny-smith, right?)-not any of the 1001 red varieties. There's something about the tartness of the apple and the sweetness of the caramel that just sends my mouth into an orgasmic frenzy (yes, that's how dang good they are to me!)

This soap is made with rice bran and avocado oils as the main oils along with shea butter. The caramel drizzle is actually a sugar cane-scented melt and pour soap. I really like how these turned out...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Of My Favorite Soap Shops

I’m not only a soap maker, but I’m also a client (did the people over at Hair Club For Men know this would be one of the all-time catch phrases?) There is one shop that’s been on my radar for a while, and I admittedly have not bought one bar of soap from this shop, but the shop name and product descriptions just evoke uproarious laughter and “Oh-no-she-didn’t”…I’m talking about none other than Dirty Sanchez. First of all, if the owner’s name is not Sanchez.. I must warn you that if you are a squeamish, do not click this link to discover the meaning behind Dirty Sanchez.
As I read the product descriptions of this shop, I get where her head is as she’s writing them. I’m a little terrified at that, but hey, that’s who I am. I often want to write my descriptions in the same manner, but I am afraid of scaring away potential business. While I pride myself on being a non-conformist, I’m not that adventurous. Thank you Dirty Sanchez for giving me a good laugh whenever I visit your shop.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Neo Deo Now Available!

After much tinkering and tweaking, I've finally listed my Neo Deo all-natural deodorant! A very special thanks to all my lovely testers (Anna, Courtney, Myia...) who gave it a try and gave me some good feedback. One minor change to the formula is I had to put a little carnauba wax (vegan alternative to beeswax) in it so that it would firm up in these tubes. My original formula was way too soft, so the wax really helped things out.

I've been wearing my Neo for about a month and a half now, and it's held up nicely during these 100+ degree days we've had here in DC. I've been getting my aromatherapy in too with this deodorant. I love how I can smell all the delicious essential oils when my body temps rise. Check it out here!