Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seven Somethings Art Award

I have been fortunate enough to be given this award from my dear online buddy Arnita over at Creating Naphyri. It's called the Seven Somethings Art Award and the gist of it is very simple: You list 7 things or people that you are passionate about, then bestow the award to 7 bloggers you love. This one was tough (Aint that sad??? I'm getting better though!)

7 Things I'm Passionate About:

  1. My faith in God (You don't have to be a religious zealot to love and believe in the Lord)
  2. My sister (She's my best friend and the only person who'd take a bullet for me.)
  3. My cat (She's brought me from the depths of the deepest depression and back.)
  4. Soap making (It's the crack of crafting in my opinion.)
  5. Getting enough sleep (I am a straight bitch when I don't get enough rest.)
  6. Laughing (If I don't have a hearty laugh at least once a day, something's terribly wrong.)
  7. Paying my rent and having enough to eat (When you grow up with two drug-addicted parents, it's the little, basic things in life you hold most dear.)

7 Lovelies I'm Passing This Award To:

  1. Milk and Cookeez

  2. Burnt Mill Candles & Soap

  3. Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby

  4. Meka Candles & Scents

  5. NY Blaque

  6. Skincare By Heather

  7. Structured Chaos

In addition to the 7 I just named, I'm passing this award to all my followers. Although I don't comment on all your posts, I am reading-regularly and with interest. I love you all!


Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Oh thank you, Sweetie...my first award! I will not let you down :)...loved your answers BTW!

Meka Candles & Scents™ said...

I just read this patrice, thank you sooooo much! you don't know how much I love reading your blog, i even re read some of the posts because they make me laugh:)

Thanks Again,