Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rhymes With______________________

When I chose this week's theme, the deeply hidden and greatly suppressed motherly instinct in me peeked just a bit. For those of you who don't really know me, I don't have a motherly bone in my body. I've never yearned or desired to be a mom. I like other people's kids though. If the good Lord wanted me to have children, there were plenty of opportunities (trust me on that one.) Anyway, this week's rhymes with word is cooties. Ewww, you've got cooties! Did you ever tell any of your friends that when you were young? Okay, I digress, but enjoy this week's selection all courtesy of some great Art Fire Artisans:

Busy Hands Boutique
CDR Creations
Frouge Art
Hand Knit Hugs
Krafty Lady Kreations
Lil Baby Tangs
MEH Designs
Mon Peetit Violon
Precious Patterns
Val Made


Arnita said...

These are too cute! I wish I had felt the way you do back when.....
I guess better late than never. 25 years, three kids, 5 grandkids later I realize that I really am not that crazy about kids. I'm kidding. I love them, just not mine! LOL

Laura said...

Trust me when I tell you kid stuff is way cuter then the kids themselves. lol I love looking at baby stuff but I am thrilled that I will not EVER be having another baby. I may not even get a grand kid from the kid I did have and I am very ok with that.