Friday, March 27, 2009

My Balls Are Beloved...LMAO!!!!

First it was my boobs. Now it's my balls! I, too have soap with balls. If you are a reader of soap-related blogs, then you know there's a young man who has a blog called Soap With Balls. I stole it from him-okay I'm borrowing it from him just for this post. My Soap Balls were featured on a great new blog I'm now following called Structured Chaos. If that aint the story of my life.... I also happened to fill a custom order for Soap Balls this week also. I love these little boogers. I have to make more of them now. I think they're too cute!


jinx1764 said...


FairyAlchemy said...

they look fab and I'm sure the young man in question would love your borrowing his soap with balls tag hehe.. Well done and your cupcake ones look amazing..x

SoapWithBalls said...

No worries..