Saturday, March 14, 2009

Score This Soap!

I'm so happy to report that not only do I tell you to go score some soap, I actually scored some soap last week-The Mrs. Zebra soap from Epically Epic Soap. I cannot wait til it arrives! This soap score is starting to make me feel like an addict looking for a hit. I love scouring the pages of Art Fire looking for just the right soap to feature. So, what exactly do I look for? I look for originality which can be further broken down to include color, texture, shape, and ingredients. I also look for soap makers who have few or no sales. Consider it my PIF (pay it forward.) So, with all that in mind, this week's score comes from Desert Soap Stone. Isn't this a gorgeous soap? It reminds me of the desert and reading the story behind the soap makes it even more inviting.

Enough blabbering, check out Desert Soap Stone, and go score!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. This soap looks edible. Is it? wink. You make me want to go out and start making some soap. Your blog is so inspiring.