Friday, March 13, 2009

Art Fire Artisan Spotlight: Cherrybones

It's Friday, so ya know what that means....It's time for the artisan spotlight of the week, and guess what? It's not a jeweler! No offense to all my jewelry artisans-I love ya'll. I found this week's artisan, Cherrybones from the front page of Art Fire. She had me at cherry and bones! When I clicked on her shop, I fell in love. Read her interview, then check out her shop!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Seattle with my husband and a small handful of silly animals. We recently bought our first house and it is teeny tiny but we love it and its pretty easy to keep clean. I love to paint and draw but I also do some other crafts like Jewelry and making things like bookmarks. I also really love to find random things to paint on like little figurines from the thrift store or trinket boxes.

2. How did you discover your artistry?
Well my dad is an artist and so I have been into art my whole life, its just something I grew up with.

3. Do you craft full time or do you have another full time profession?
Right now I am doing my art full time but I may have to get a job again in the near future depending on how things go you know. Who knows a month from now I could be washing dishes part time while doing my art. Lets see my most recent jobs I have had to take have been dishwasher at a restaurant, truck team at a local department store, grocery clerk, fiberglass boat detailer and background check verification person for people applying for jobs in the airline industry.

4. What brought you to Artfire?
My friend Carrie Hawks / Tigerpixie opened up a shop and recommended it to me.

5. What are some of your favorite materials or supplies to use?
Acrylic paint is my very favorite and I love to paint on smooth cradled gessobord panels but they are kind of pricey so I don't use them very often.

6. If you could learn to do any other craft or artistry, what would it be?
Sewing, I never really learned how. I do a little hand sewing and have an antique singer that I use sometimes but I am just not a sew-er. My best friend is an excellent seamstress and I'm jealous cause shes always making herself cool clothes.

7. Do you have a blog, website or other craft venue that you sell on?
Oh yes, here are a few:

8. What’s your overall impression of Artfire and would you recommend it to fellow artisans?
Well I have only been on Artfire for about a week but so far it looks pretty cool. It seems like they are really trying to help artisans out. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes there as the community grows. So far so good, I would recommend it for sure!

9. Now, for the fun!!!
a. Coffee or tea?
 Coffee, I drink lots of tea though to.
b. Cat or dog?
 Well I have both and a bird but I guess I would have to say Dog because she likes to go hang out with me and go for walks and stuff unlike those ungrateful cats of mine...
c. NY or LA?
 Probably LA since it would be warmer, Ive never been to either though.
d. Paper or plastic?
 I dislike this question...mainly because it always reminds me that I forgot my reusable bags at home.
e. Fame or fortune?
 Fortune, you cant keep the house warm with fame.

( P.S. I love that pic of you that you use in your bitch posts, it cracks me up =D)

Wow!!! I love this gal! You can't keep a house warm with fame! And she likes the pic I use in my bitch posts! I'm lovin' it! Thank you Alex for such an entertaining read. I appreciate your candor. It's so refreshing!

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Alexandria said...

Thank you so much for featuring me!!! I hope to try out some of your yummy soaps really soon...I am a smelly soap addict!