Saturday, March 28, 2009

Score This Soap!

Happy Saturday (any Saturday I'm not "working" is a happy Saturday)!

I so look forward to doing this weekly feature. I just love cyber shopping, and this week's score comes from a shop I only discovered minutes ago called Blushie. I am so smitten with that name!

Anyway, I've been suffering from my semi-annual, pizza-faced breakout extravaganza, and I've been on the hunt for an all-natural solution to my dilemma. Blushie makes this amazing looking soap with activated charcoal. I've always wanted to use it in my own soaps, but I am not ready to venture out that far yet. Activated charcoal is supposed to be really good for oily skin. It draws out the gunk and yuck that's deeply embedded in your pores.

This soap is not only full of good stuff, it's pretty cool-looking too. I love the black and white swirls. It would go great with my Mrs. Zebra soap from Epically Epic! Now go score!


SLColman said...

This soap sounds like it might be really great for my break outs! It looks lovely too :) Bonus!!

Beauty Cosmetics said...

Homemade shampoo is great. It is authentic. No harmful chemical used during preparation!!!