Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ooh You Naughty Soap-Come To Mama!!!

I've been a little frisky lately with my blog posts, but I've gotta keep reeling you in somehow:-D!

The other day I vaguely hinted about a small soap disaster I had, and here is the end result. Let me preface this by saying I am so done trying to achieve the perfect swirl or color. I've wasted so much time and supplies trying to get it right, that I'm just going to let my soaps be. It's what's on the inside that counts right? Let me introduce you to Rhubarb Al Fresco. I bought this scent blindly from Brambleberry because I just love the word rhubarb. Of course I didn't read the notes in the soap description. I just wanted the fragrance. Anyway, my intention was to "swirl" this soap in various shades of pink and red, but of course it didn't go down that way. No sooner than I added the FO at a light trace did that sucker seize on me (Disclaimer: The Brambleberry description clearly states that this scent superheats, but this bad boy was smokin'!) It was practically solid, so I was moving with the quickness! My whole swirl intention was shot to hell, so I poured the colored soap into the seized soap and tried to salvage some semblance of a swirl.

Well this is the final result. Not bad, huh? I kinda dig the funky, pale pink topper. And, the scent? O-M-G! It is dying, no begging to be showered with-only 4 more weeks til cured! Oh, and it's my first palm-free batch. Yay!!!

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