Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm In The Kitchen, But I Aint Bakin' Cookies!

What's going on? Well, a whole freakin lot with me! Since I can barely afford to fill my gas tank up and actually go somewhere other than work and the grocery store, I'm occupying my time with new projects. Where shall I begin? Let's see. My new blog is all finished, but I'm adding the finishing touches. I'm such a freakin perfectionist, it's sickening. I never get anything accomplished! I'm re-designing my website, The Soap Seduction. I have all new products in the works. I'm excited about that. I'm closing my Etsy shop, The Decadent Flame, and I'm opening a new one, The Soap Seduction. I'm losing my mind, and buying a new one. Just kidding. I'm looking forward to the nice, long Memorial Day weekend. I plan to get much of nothing done! How bout you?

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention my other blog that I started with my sister, and a few close friends. It's called Fat, Black, & Losin It. Check it out!