Monday, March 2, 2009

Real Snow This Time!!!

I am really pissed about this snowfall. I awoke to a beautiful site (Don't let the electric lines fool you. The view from my living room is actually quite lovely) only to find out that I still had to go to work. That sucks ______________. Not a road, street, or sidewalk had been plowed which means I had to leave my apartment 30 minutes earlier just to clean 6inches of snow off my car. I literally crept all the way to work. A 30 minute drive took me 75 minutes. And why do people with SUVs think they are invincible? Freakin' morons! You can't go 60 mph with 8 inches of fine powder on the road!!!

To conclude this fun tale, I get to work only to find out that I could have taken my time to get there-they weren't charging folks who were late-SOBs! Why didn't they say that on the inclement weather hot line! I coulda slept another hour-or two!!! I'm done!


Laura said...

Poor girl. I talked to my sister this morning she and her husband had to drive out to get my niece and her car from work due to snow. My sister said she almost ended up in a ditch doing about 30 mph. She wished she would of just left mt nieces car in the Target parking lot. :)

Arnita said...

I feel sorry for you...just alittle bit. I live about 60 miles south of Buffalo, NY. We get snow like this, sometimes more all the time. Try to stay warm dear!!