Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elemonated Shea Butter Soap

I've been making this soap for myself for the longest time, and it only just dawned on me to offer it to the public. It's a basic glycerin soap (sulfate and surfactant-free, of course), but I added unrefined, shea butter and poppy seeds to make it extra special. It's scented in pure lemon essential oil, so it's very uplifting.

I use this one in the kitchen and the shower. I find it very effective in cutting that onion smell that stays on your hands after chopping them up, and I also like to use this one on my feet and underarms (yes, I'm weird that way...). It's for sale now. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Argh! Ugh! and $#^@!

That's how I'm feeling right about now which explains why there have been no regular posts, no new products, and my all around lack of everything...

Maybe it's the heat (a straight month of 90+ humid days). Maybe it's the frustration I'm feeling in trying to decide what direction I want to take this venture. Or maybe I'm just in a mood...I'll be back.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mintally Stimulating Scrub

Where have I been? I've never gone this long without posting! It's been hot, and I've just been lazy as hell basically. So here I am with something new. Stimulate, exfoliate, and rejuvenate with my all new creamy scrub. Sounds like a paradox, but it’s not your typical scrub. This is an emulsified scrub that I have mastered (at least I think I have) thanks to many botched batches and trial and error. So how does this scrub differ from your average scrub? The main difference is many commercial scrubs, like Bath & Body Works, use a combination of sugar (or salt) mixed with oil. That’s all well and good, but the sugar settles to the bottom of the jar, and your hands and tub get all greasy and super slippery. Then you have to stir the mixture each time you use it. Arghhh! Enter Mintally Stimulating!
Emulsified scrubs involve the blending of oils and/or butters with wax (because oil and water don’t mix on its own), water, an exfoliating agent like salt or sugar, and fragrance (optional but why not?). VERY IMPORTANT: Any emulsified scrub you buy or use must have a preservative in it! I say must, rather than should, because water is involved here. When you’re making a product that involves oils and water, the use of a preservative should not be an option or else you’ll end up with a science project growing in your jar. EWWW! I’ve read the horror stories of people using “all natural” or “preservative-free” products only to have mold and fungus grow in the product or they’ve developed an infection from using a tainted product. Can you imagine what kind of impact that would have on your business and your reputation? I personally use optiphen as a preservative as it’s formaldehyde- and paraben-free. That’s about as natural as you can get in terms of preservatives! My advice is don’t buy an emulsified scrub if it doesn’t contain a preservative. More than likely, you will get water in the jar if you’re using it in your tub or shower. Now that’s your brief lesson for the day…
For this scrub, I’ve chosen sweet almond oil and shea butter. Sweet almond oil is a light, fast-absorbing oil, and shea butter is my go-to luxury butter. It melts immediately upon contact and absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy or heavy. This is not a foaming scrub. Think of it as a friend with benefits. It sloughs  while moisturizing. The texture is thick and creamy yet oh-so-scrubby. The scent is a refreshing mint. I keep my jar in the fridge, and when I'm ready to get stimulated (oh, that sounds kinda nasty, lol), it's nice and cool. I use mine 2-3 times a week concentrating on my knees, thighs, and legs (since it's summertime and those parts are constantly exposed.)

I haven't listed this yet because my pictures BITE! I'm working on photos (yes, I'm very particular), so they'll be in the shops before the week is over...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Deep-Seeded Has A New Look

I love my 2 lb silicone molds that I got from Wholesale Supplies Plus, but I have to admit that I'm not crazy about how small the soaps are when I cut them. Yeah, yeah, I could just make more than one batch at a time, but I'm lazy and like to do everything in one swoop. So I've decided to use these strictly to test new fragrances to see how well they sell, and if they do great, then I'll upgrade them to my tried and true wooden slab molds that I buy from Candles and Woodcrafts.

Old Version

With that being said, I've upgraded my old Deep-Seeded to a bigger and brighter version. It's scented in cucumber melon and the seeds are poppy seeds. I love poppy seeds-in and on soap. I don't like poppy seeds in my food though. Weird, huh? Anyway, I'm using my new oxides from TKB Trading Co-love these! They're so pigmented-a little goes a long way. I love how these turned out. The ends are a little crumbly from my cutting them to soon after un-molding them, but once you use it for the first time, it all comes back together.

Side Note: I know this is tacky, but....If you were one of the commenters who "won" one of my Neo Deo samples, please e-mail me-thesoapseduction@verizon.net with your mailing address so I can send your sample! Thanks:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm In The Current Issue of Saponifier Mag!

Wee, look at me! lol....I submitted my pics and blurb a few months ago to Saponifier Magazine, and I was selected for this mini spotlight. I am so stoked! Saponifier is like the Sports Illustrated of soap making. If you're new to soap making or even a seasoned pro, I highly recommend subscribing to this periodical. It's completely online, and the issues are published bi-monthly.

That's really it. I just had to share! Stay cool, and have a safe and happy 4th!