About Moi

I thought it would be fun to try to post 100 things-trivial, profound, and just downright WTF about me (In no particular order)!
  1. I'm notoriously shy
  2. and introverted.
  3. I heart cats
  4. with a passion.
  5. I've had my same stinky feline for almost 14 years, and she shows no signs of slowing down (hallelujah!)
  6. I'm a native Washingtonian (DC) and that surprises a lot of people?!
  7. I do have a day job. It's in banking-behind the scenes, not in the branch.
  8. I've been in the banking industry for almost 17 years!
  9. Because my soap making passion does not pay (all) the bills.
  10. Yes, I am older than most of you. I'll be 40 in August.
  11.  I have a bad habit of letting other people's opinions of people, places, and things influence my opinion of those people, places, and things...
  12. I listen to music practically 24/7-even while showering and sleeping.
  13. My favorite genres are R&B, urban alternative, and top 40.
  14. I don't get Lady Gaga. I mean I get her, but Madonna is the queen...of originality, metamorphosis, and just plain "F-you, I'm doing it my way...."
  15. I have a laptop and a desktop which often run simultaneously because I should probably call finallyfast.com and have them clean up my hard drives.
  16. I've lived in the same apartment for 7 years.
  17. And I don't have the itch to move.
  18. I'm a slob-messy, but not trifling.
  19. I only clean up when I know company is coming over.
  20. Both of my parents are deceased.
  21. I have one sister.
  22. And I'm 8 years more mature than she is.
  23. We're nothing alike.
  24. I'm often impulsive and indecisive.
  25. I think I have a touch of OCD.
  26. I will re-do the same twist in my hair up to 10 times if it doesn't lay just right.
  27. I have terrible insomnia and often rely on sleep aids to get a decent night's sleep.
  28. I'm a college dropout.
  29. I often buy 2-3 of the same clothing items but in different colors. If it flatters, why not buy multiple pairs and look good 2-3 days out of the week?!
  30. My favorite shops are Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Target.
  31. I probably spend about $100-$150 a month in Target-especially since you can buy all kinds of food stuffs there now.
  32. I am single but not quite ready to mingle.
  33. I am not yet over the loss of my fiance, and it's been almost 4 years.
  34. No, I don't need therapy. I've got Jesus. 
  35. And my cat.
  36. When I'm not at my 9-5, I'm at my 5-9....cultivating by business.
  37. I have no desire to have children.
  38. But I'll gladly take a couple more cats.
  39. I bask in the solitude of my own company.
  40. I use the television for background noise, but I tend to watch some every now and then.
  41. My favorite show is Californication.
  42. Followed by Shameless.
  43. And Big Love.
  44. See the pattern? Dysfunctional people and families....
  45. I have a wicked (and I mean evil) sense of humor.
  46. Sometimes I act or react before thinking things through.
  47. I seem to be the poster child of the "Be careful what you wish for" theory...
  48. I cannot stand drivers who don't use their turn signal.
  49. Or who drive below the speed limit.
  50. I have vanity license plates.
  51. I also have 2 tattoos.
  52. A rose on my right ankle,
  53. and my dearly-departed's initials on my right shoulder.
  54. I am right-handed.
  55. But I wish I were ambidextrous...like my aunty.
  56. If I could afford a breast reduction, I'd get one without hesitation.
  57. They have brought me copious amounts of teasing and taunting-from both boys and girls.
  58. Now they bring me copious amounts of unwanted attention-from both men and women.
  59. I once cut all my hair off-to the nub!
  60. I looked like a bald chicken-never again.
  61. Then I wore braids for about 8 years straight.
  62. As a result, I now have traction alopecia from wearing them too damn tightly.
  63. I'm about 40 pounds overweight.
  64. But I carry it well. Okay, I said that to make myself feel better.
  65. I'm trying to grow my natural hair really long.
  66. Because I want a big, Angela Davis fro.
  67. I like to paint my nails, let them dry, then peel the polish off.
  68. It's amazingly therapeutic.
  69. No, I do not need therapy.
  70. I have dozens of bottles of nail polish. 
  71. And my cat...
  72. I did not get my driver's license til I was 27 years old.
  73. Then bought my first car a month later.
  74. What the hell was I thinking? 
  75. See #24.
  76. I've owned 2 cars in my entire life.
  77. Both were Hyundai Accents.
  78. I love small cars.
  79. Because I love to be able to zip and go!
  80. And the gas is cheap-er than most cars.
  81. I have many online friendships.
  82. And less than 5 real-life ones.
  83. I keep my circle small
  84. and tight.
  85. If I let you in, you must be really special.
  86. I am a very loyal and faithful friend.
  87. Til you betray me.
  88. I find forgiving hard.
  89. And forgetting virtually impossible.
  90. But I'm working on it.
  91. I've been to Africa.
  92. I want to go to Paris
  93. and Italy.
  94. I speak fluent English
  95. and am proficient in Ebonics.
  96. I'm hooked on Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper...tastes like regular Dr. Pepper.
  97. My favorite color is green-all shades of it!
  98. When I get nervous, I start talking to myself by actually quoting actual conversations I've had with people.
  99. No, I don't need therapy.
  100. I've got faith. Dozens of bottles of nail polish. And my cat....