Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tools Of The Trade: Establish Your Brand With Memorable Labels

We all know (or should know) the importance of brand recognition. It's what separates us from the competition, and it's what helps potential and returning customers recognize who you are! I've been really lackadaisical with my branding efforts. One minute I want this color or that design. The next minute, I want something completely different. In the year I've been in business, I've changed my colors and my look so many times, my head is spinning, but there was one constant: the color pink. I love it. It's feminine. It's girly. It's seductive. It's everything. Branding doesn't necessary have to include a picture, but it could be a symbol like the Nike swoosh or the McDonald's arches. For me it's the color pink and my slogan: Where a passion for soapmaking meets the art of handmade!

I've worked with many designers, but the one person who "gets" me and my many moods is Jennifer Stuart at Studio71 Design. Check out her blog to discover and ooh and aah over her gorgeous designs. She seems to really capture the essence of what a shop is. Her work is phenomenal! She designed my current Project Wonderful ad, and she designed my latest labels. Bonus: Her turnaround is quick! I'm always calling on her at the 11th hour for something, and she pulls through. Thanks Jen!

For more info on branding, check out this article I found on branding at American Craft Guide!


Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

How true! And, as fellow lover of pink, I'm diggin' those labels :)

Arnita said...

This is real strange. I got up this morning and I'm thinking, "I need to do something about labels". Then I see your blog. I think I will check the other blog out and see what I can find!

Jennifer said...

thanks for the shout out patrice! you are such an awesome client and you know i love working on your shop designs! :)