Friday, November 21, 2008

Can Beggars Be Choosers?

I know this is the season of giving, but I am receiving requests out the yin yang to donate products or gift baskets to some organization or charity. I am all about helping those in need-I used to be one of the needy myself, but I can't afford to donate 250 soaps or gift items. Do you know one lady had the nerve to cop a 'tude with me because I told her that I just couldn't give her what she wanted? If you are asking me for my services, and I offer you an alternative, do you really have the right to get pissed if I can't oblige you? I politely and professionally explained to the broad (I'm heated at this point) that while I was thankful that she thought my goods were worthy of her cause, I was not in a position fiscally or time-wise to give her the samples she needed in the time she wanted them. She basically told me that there were many other bath and beauty makers who were willing and able to donate to her cause and that I should be flattered that she even thought of me. WOW!!!! I'm batting a thousand this week. Could it be karma for turning down that craft show????

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Joanna said...

no no. Don't take it personally. She is just trying to control the situation.