Tuesday, November 18, 2008


No, the title is not a typo. I'm spewing a string of expletives. I've decided to temporarily stop making the cupcake soaps with the whipped frosting because they don't ship very well. I've tried everything from padding the sides of the box extra snugly to taping the cupcake box to the shipping box, but in all the instances that I've sold them, they've arrived smooshed, and I've had to refund money. So until I can come up with a better solution, I'm going to substitute them with something else. I'll reveal sometime next week when I've worked it all out. If you' have a solution, please share!


milk and cookeez said...

Im no saper, but what kind of whipped soap do you use? I use whipped soap on my cookez and my old version of my cupcakz and if I let them sit long enough, about 4 days they were not hard but they didnt smush. Let me know what you use and maybe if I use something differnet than you I can help you out :) I totally feel your frustrations!!!

milk and cookeez said...

I meant soaper-not saper. Im no saper though either :)

Joanna said...

Those look absolutely beautiful. Would you be interested in sharing a tutorial for The Soap Bar blog with photos and step by step instructions??

I'd love to feature you, your blog and your cuppy cakes. :o)

email me: jo@productbody.com