Saturday, November 29, 2008

Give Me Body-Productt Body!

I hope everyone is having fun shopping and selling and eating leftover turkey! I know I am! Since I do work all day outside of my home, I often miss the mailman when I have packages that won't fit in my box, so I get one of those pink slips letting you know that you have a package. When I come home after a hard day of basically hating having to work for someone else (although I am so thankful to have a job right now), nothing makes me happier than getting that kind of pink slip!

Anyhoo, I typically do not buy from other bath and body makers because I view them as the competition, and why the heck should I support the competition right? Wrong! I've made many online friends (at least I consider them friends) since I've started blogging, and they make some damn good stuff! I have a list of folks I intend to buy from, and now that the holidays are here, I'm not only a seller, but I'm also a buyer. One of my favorite blogs is The Soap Bar, and while Joanna basically does product reviews (I have yet to send in a soap. I'm a nervous wreck.), she also has her own beauty site Product Body. I decided to check out Product Body site, and I was blown at all the major press she's received. That's what I'm talkin' bout! I was mucho impressed, so I decided to order the Cream moisturizer in Vanilla Mango. It has shea butter in it, and it smells light and lovely. My ashy, dry skin soaks it right up and there's no sticky feeling either.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Cream by Product Body. Bonus: Joanna also sent me a healthy sized jar of Crush On You scented in Apple Crisp. Thanks Joanna. I'm adding Product Body to my "Loves It" list.


Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

sometimes it is nice to buy other people's stuff. Some people make other scents I don't and it is fun to try some. Also a way to see how your stuff stacks up against others in terms of quality and packaging I figure. Getting other peoples products can be a nice treat.

Joanna said...

What a treat to come read your blog and see my products on YOUR blog! Thanks, sweety!!

If you have ashy skin, can I suggest my whipped shea? I have scaly skin on my lower legs and the shea is a dream!

Don't be scared to send me anything. If you want to wait until after the holidays I'll BUY something, but right now, my $ has to go somewhere secret ;)