Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

It's day two of Blogzilla!!!

I always read on other blogs about the blogger being tagged by another blogger. It's basically a "tell me a little about yourself" type of deal. It could be personal, random, trivial, whatever. Well, my buddy over at Milk and Cookeez tagged me. She's a follower of mine, and I never even knew she had a blog until she tagged me! How pathetic am I? Note to all you bloggers: Check out your followers-for good and bad!

Anyway, here are 7 revealing things about moi that I bet you didn't know:

  1. I am a huge fan of the Polish singer Basia (One day, while in the south of France. My good friend, said I should hug an olive tree.....)

  2. I usually root for the bad guy in the movie.

  3. I sometimes polish my nails only to peel it off-usually with my teeth.

  4. I wish I'd gone to a regular public high school with a track & field program. I'd be a much better runner. Well, I'd be a runner....

  5. If I could do anything besides make soap and candles, I'd be a gourmet chef. But I'd probably be morbidly obese if I did though....

  6. My porn name is Lacy Hobart (It's the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on-or something like that....)

  7. I don't have 7 blogger friends to pass this fun game on to, so feel free to share amongst yourselves.....

Thanks MC!

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