Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And The Winner(s) Is......

Fooled ya!!! You already know Barack is the man! This post is about who the Suppliers of the Year are according to the annual poll at Saponifier Magazine. I'm going Blogzilla and watching MSNBC, so I'll do a quick rundown with a more detailed post later....

The top three overall faves:

  1. Brambleberry
  2. Elements Bath & Body
  3. Southern Soapers

Top essential oil supplier:

  1. Essential Oil University
  2. Camden Grey
  3. Brambleberry

Top herb supplier: (Do you say herb with a silent "h" like "irb" or hard "h" like her-b?)

  1. Mountain Rose Herbs
  2. San Francisco Herb Co.
  3. Atlantic Spice Co.

Top supplier for general soap and cosmetic ingredients:

  1. Soapers Choice
  2. Wholesale Supplies Plus
  3. Brambleberry and Lotioncrafter
Top soap mold supplier:

  1. Milky Way Molds
  2. Brambleberry
  3. Upland Molds

One quick question: Is Bramberry on the take?? Just kidding. I'll be doing honorable mention in my next post which is no put down on the winners. Til then....

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Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for posting these results. I'm so behind that I haven't even blogged it =)

I'm thrilled about the results. Last year, we were 2nd Overall so to move up was very exciting. =)