Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Thee Over To Smitten Blog Designs

Believe it or not, I'm participating in my very first giveaway! It's not that I don't like to give. Believe me, I do, but I've never felt that I had a large enough audience to make it worthwhile.

Well, I received an e-mail last week out of the blue asking if I'd be interested in participating in a giveaway. Sure! Why not! It's practically free publicity, and it is the season of giving (although you should give all year round). Kate over at Smitten Blog Designs is hosting the "Give, Oh Giveaway Contest". The contest runs for 12 days, so there'll be 12 winners. There are some really cool prizes to be had-including these gems from moi. It's a 2 oz body balm and CP soap-both scented in Orange Spice. It's delish!


milk and cookeez said...

Yeah a Giveaway-Maybe when your up to it, let me know and Ill host one 2. I would be honored! Especially since I KNOW the products now (hint, check out my blog in about 1 hr...)
Tammy :)

milk and cookeez said...

BTW Im entering Yipeeeeee!

milk and cookeez said...

The Soap Seduction said...

Hey Tammy,

I'm ready. Just let me know when! Good luck on winning:-)