Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SoapQuick-Day 1

Hey Decadent Subjects,

Today is the day I embark on my latest soapmaking journey using this SoapQuick formula that I bought from Mission Peak Soaps. As the photos will show, I've laid out everything in preparation for the big day (tomorrow.) I usually make soap on the weekends cuz I have all day, but since I do have a real 9-5, I'm only preparing my lye solution today. If you've never made soap before, lye is no joke! It is nothing to screw around with. It will burn and/or eat your flesh alive if you do not take proper care when handling it. Always wear rubber gloves (shame on me for not wearing mine in this pic.) Always add the lye to your water (preferably distilled water). Never add water to your lye. It will cause a catastrophic eruption. When the lye and the water are mixed, it heats up to over 200 degrees. You can literally see the steam rising from your container and it smells all to be damned! Do not inhale this stuff. I've already mixed my solution, and now I'm going to let it sit for a day until it reaches room temperature (less than 100 degrees). Tune in tomorrow for Day 2. Oh yeah, I still can't decide on a scent. I'm thinking some kind of chocolate in honor of Valentine's Day.

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