Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Sisterly Love

Dearest Fans,
I am so fabulous-so fabulous in fact that I had to get a makeover that channeled my inner diva. I'm only slightly exaggerating, but I am excited about my new look. This is the look I've been going for-soft pastel pinks, and delicious graphics that represent my line of business. I must give a huge shout out to my blog designer extraordinaire, Jess of Cuppycake Designs. She is efficient, thorough, and very professional. Thanks Jess!

While I'm passing out all this free love, I have some for one of my favorite divas Beth over at My Chic Things. Not only has she been mentoring me through this journey I call blogging, but she has done wonders for my confidence. She does internet consulting as well at My Chic Things. How do I love she, let me count the ways: Beth's set up my Top Site, advised on how to become an effective blogger, and she put my Hot Fudge Brownie Candle on display on her blog.

Lastly, I'm giving some much needed love to my real sister Myia. I've been a real bee-yotch since the love of my life passed away in September, and she's beared with me through it all. She's giving me so much support not only dealing with the loss of Spencer, but she's my silent partner in this venture I call soaping and chandling (is that a real word???) Anyway, Myia, I love you for everything that you do. Now let's get back to work!

Tomorrow, I'm going to try the Soapquick again-maybe. I have a new candle project I want to try, so maybe I'll do that. Smooches!


Lori Stoia said...

Great design. I love it.

Candlechick818 said...

Thanks. Jess does great work. I hope to have her re-design my website!