Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Swag

Is it Valentine's Day already? I guess it is, and I'm surprising my co-workers with some cool swag from The Decadent Flame and The Soap Seduction. I love my co-workers because they always buy my stuff. I made these heart candles with the intention of drizzling some chocolate on them, but it didn't quite work out as planned, so I ended up making a top layer of chocolate. The solid layer is scented in strawberry, hence, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry. The plain, solid candle is scented in Cinnamon. I'm giving my boss this basket I call The Chocoholic. It's all soap, and it contains 2 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, 2 chocolate kisses, and 2 chocolate mint bars. It's available at The Soap Seduction.

Don't forget to check back later for Day 2 of SoapQuick.

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