Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Product Alert and Candle Making Tutorial

Good Afternoon Everyone,

As I stated in my previous post, I was going to be making either soap or candles, and I decided on candles since I haven't talked about them much since I started blogging. Candles in themselves are pretty simple to make, but I'm having difficulties personally with choosing the right wick size. Why is that important you may ask? The wick really is the most important part of the candle. It will ultimately determine the performance of your candle in terms of burn time, burn capacity, flame capacity, and scent throw to name a few. If the wick is too small, the melted wax around the wick will extinguish the flame. If the wick is too large on the other hand, then it will shorten your burn time, create a really high and dangerous flame, and you'll get that ugly black soot around your candle container. Okay, that's your quick tip of the day, now on to the good stuff. My beverage candles which I currently sell on Etsy inspired me to make a new candle with the same jars. I call these Decadent Sundaes, and yes, I will be selling these on Etsy.

Decadent Sundaes are just that: I took strawberry scented gel wax and hot fudge scented soy/paraffin wax and drizzled them along the insides of a 7 oz fountain soda jar. Then I heated some soy/paraffin blend wax (it's not too hard and not too soft), scented with either Strawberry Jam fragrance or Vanilla Bean fragrance then let cool for about 15 minutes until it formed a slight skin. I next took my battery-operated drink mixer and whipped the wax for about five minutes until it began to appear whipped in texture and appearance. I did not want the wax to harden, but stay pourable. Once I poured the whipped concoction, I set a waxed ice cream scoop on top. For the Strawberry Sundae, I placed two waxed strawberries on the side, then I drizzled some more gel wax over the ice cream and the strawberries to set them. For the Hot Fudge Sundae, I placed a wax cherry on top of the ice cream scoop, then drizzled more hot fudge wax over them. Check out the set up through the finish.


Lori Stoia said...

Love your candles! They look good enough to eat.

I am a soapmaker, but I have dabbled in candles.

Lori Stoia said...

Love your blog! I really like the design!

Candlechick818 said...

Thanks and thanks. I call myself a soapmaker, but I have lots of work to do:-) Candles are so much easier!