Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yum, Delish, & Ooh La La!

Now that I write that as the title of my blog post, I should have actually named my new and improved Lip Lushes just that! When I first started offering these, I thought they were pretty cool, but I wasn't pleased with the "look" of them. I wanted my lip balms to pop! I am a firm believer in shopping local-besides helping my neighbor in business, I get my stuff a lot quicker!! So I peruse my bookmarked vendors and go straight to Southern Soapers because they're right in Virginia, and I get my supplies within 2 days of ordering them (weekends don't count.) The fragrance oils are off the hook! You will find some of the most unusual, yet appealing fragrances out there. It's no wonder Kelly's been voted one of the top suppliers of the year by Saponifier Magazine. I blogged about her here and here.

Anyway, I had to give Southern Soapers some love because I bought my new lip colorants from there, and boy, do my lip lovelies POP! I love these, and this is just the beginning. There's way more on the horizon. Right now, I'm offering Cherry Berry, Orange Chocolate Truffle, and Mango Peach. Shameless plug: Spend $10 or more and get a free one-your choice!

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