Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These Bath Bombs Are The Bomb!

I love surprises. No, I'm lying. I don't love surprises because I have to always know what it is. Don't tell me it's a surprise because that'll make me all the more curious. I use to find my Christmas gifts as a child and carefully peel off the taped edges so I could see what the package was. I'm terrible, and I digress.....

So, I actually got a surprise in the mail on Inauguration Day to be exact. It was from my good friend Misty over at Burnt Mill Candles & Soaps. I happened to comment on her blog post about her bath bombs, and she so graciously made me one of her surprise testers. First of all I'm thrilled that she would even consider me, and secondly, I love bath and body stuff-especially free bath and body stuff:-D

Let me tell you right off the bat, I do not like taking baths. I've said it a million times on this blog. I have a thing about soaking in my own filth, and it dates back to my childhood. Anyway, I decided to use the bombs in a slightly different capacity. I used them as a soak for my long overdue pedi. I love watching bath bombs twitch and sizzle when I drop them in the water. I only used half of a bomb which was plenty, and not only did it make my water smell divine, it softened the water and welcomed my crusty feet with open arms! I tend to neglect my tootsies when the weather is cold because I wear socks or tights all season long. I probably let my feet soak about 20 minutes, and the flakes literally slid off when I touched my feet. There was minimal effort-just a few swipes with my trusty pumice stone, and I was done!

I recommend these bombs highly-for bathing or for mani/pedis. I don't know where she gets her yummy scents from, but all of Burnt Mill's stuff-candles, soaps, bath bombs.. are good enough to eat. Check her out today!

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Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

glad you enjoyed them! I am still tweaking the recipe some, almost have it the way I want it.

Anything new you are working on next?

ps that lemon bundt cake you like so much is from bittercreek :)