Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vanilla Boobs?

No!!!! They're my new White Chocolate Bath Melts, and I made them just in time for Valentine's Day. I personally do not like baths. There's something about soaking in my own filth that turns me off, but I do take a mean shower. I'll just stand there forever letting the hot water pelt me all over. Yes, I did say hot water. I don't like warm showers-especially in the winter time. I know hot water is drying to the skin, and that's where the vanilla boobs, I mean bath melts come in. I made these with primarily cocoa butter and coconut oil, so they're designed to dissolve in warm bath water as well as absorb easily into the skin. If using one with a shower, rub on damp skin once you've finished showering. It eliminates the need for lotion or other moisturizers. I love these, and the scent is to die for. I gently scented them in chocolate. Coupled with the natural aroma of the cocoa butter makes it a real winner in my book. They'll be available later this week in my Etsy shop. Be sure to check 'em out!


BlossomingTree said...

At the risk of sounding like a freak...nice boobs. LOL

I bet they leave the skin feeling good. I'm a big fan of cocoa butter.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Glad you like my "boobs" LMAO!!!!