Monday, January 19, 2009

Bitch Post #2-UPS Is On My Sh*t List!


Before, I reveal why UPS is on my sh*tlist, I must give you the backdrop to this story: I haven't told anyone this til now, but I am going thru a serious soaping withdrawal. I need a fix bad!!! I haven't made any CP soap since November, and I'm about to set it off!

First of all, my trusty, local hardware store unexpectedly, I mean literally overnight, goes out of business (this economy is killing the small biz owner) so I have no means of buying my lye locally. None of the major hardware chains carry it. I went to Home Depot and asked, "Do you carry lye?" and the dude looks at me like I'm speaking Swahili. He literally said, "Huh?" I was dumbfounded. I had to actually break it down for him: "You know-sodium hydroxide, the stuff used to open up clogged drains and whatnot...." "Oh, then you'd want to look in the plumbing aisle." "Gee, thanks (for nuthin, ass hat.)" Needless to say, I found no lye, so I was left with one choice: Order it online and go thru all the hazmat bull crap (Thanks a lot you scumbag meth mongers!)
So to wrap up this tale of woe, I found a great deal on Etsy from Tog Soap Molds. I got 8 pounds for $22.00 which is like a bargain because I was paying $5.00 for a 16 oz bottle at Mom & Pop's. Anyway, they shipped the goods the next day, and I got confirmation that my stuff would arrive on 1/16/09-this past Friday. I'm having this delivered to my job because there's no one at home to sign for the package. Anyway, the day is half over when I realize that my package aint there, so I go online, and I see that my shipment has been re-scheduled for the 19th!!! WTF!!?? I am livid. I don't have time to fool with UPS because I'm working-otherwise, I would have called and acted a f*ckin' fool! It's not ladylike, and I don't recommend it, but it's very effective when you need to make things happen. Anyway, I can't have the package re-routed to my home because I'm not the original sender and only they can do that. The damn package was attempted delivery to my job today: MLK Day. A holiday. No one's there. The building is closed. I don't have my friggin lye, therefore, I cannot make any soap. Therefore, I majorly pissed. Therefore, UPS is on my SHIT LIST!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can relate with the UPS blues. They always screw up my delivery dates. Hang in there sis.

catinalife said...

oh the rigors of our addictions.
being the BA I am it has been too cold to go out to shop here at all, I go through bead withdrawal...ouch that sounds kinky....LOL...hope you can get them ASAP.

milk and cookeez said...

Im sorry-I feel so sad for you-as I go on about my delivery :)
I had no idea that UPS was even delivering today-so much for a NAtional Holiday!
I love teh pick-I would just hate to see it too much, for your sake.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Thanks for all the support ladies! I find bitching so utterly therapeutic and refreshing. I feel so much better now:-)

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

that totally sucks! you know you should contact the shipper they can apply for a refund since it wasn't delivered when it should have been. I have done that with a few of my Bittercreek orders that havent made it on time, they give me a credit on my account.