Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honestly? Do You Use Your Own Products?

Or whatever it is you craft, make, sew, paint, draw.... you get the picture? I, for one, can emphatically say YES! My bathroom is overflowing with my own soaps and those of other incredible soap makers. My living room is filled with lit candles that I've personally created. I love my stuff not just because I made it, but because I know it's really quality stuff made with care and attention to detail. When a potential customer asks me a question like, how does it lather or how long should this bar last, I can answer them with honesty and confidence. When you instill consumer confidence, you've got a lifelong customer. It also helps if you actually make something you personally love not just because you think it'll be a cash cow. Trust me, with all the thousands of other soapers out there, this aint hardly a cash cow for me, but a true labor of love. What say thee about this?


BlossomingTree said...

Yes, I definitely use my own products. My thought is, how can I honestly recommend my products if I won't even use them myself? I have a bin FULL of items from other soapers and B&Bers but I usually reach for mhy own product first.

Great question!

Stormee said...

Yes I wear my own clothes that I make. Sometimes it is hard not to. It's like owning the candy store and eating all the candy, but I tell myself that I can have just one. But I find I am my best ad. Everytime I wear something of mine, or dress my husband in something of mine, I get a new customer. It is a great question.

Joanna said...

Every darn day!