Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Great Debate

No, I'm not talking about the Presidential election. I'm talking about CP vs MP. For all you non-soapers, that's cold processed vs melt and pour. Cold processed is the method of combining oils (the same kind found in your kitchen or grocery store shelves), water, and lye until they saponify (that's the chemical reaction these ingredients undergo to form what we know as soap.) Melt and pour is just that: The saponification process has already occurred, and you're taking a block of premade soap and melting it down to add your own special touches.

There are many different kinds of mp soap on the market, but not all brands are made equally. I personally love mp because it's quick. It's easy. More importantly, for me, it's versatile. I love using shaped soap molds to make what I call soap creations. You can embed things in it. You can use additives such as herbs and salts. You get the point. BUT.... not all mp soaps are the same. There are many different brands on the market, and many of these brands contain stuff I can't even pronounce. For that reason, I only use what's called natural or organic soap-no sulfates or foaming agents. They can be very drying which is why extra glycerin is added to mp soap.

CP soap, on the other hand, is made from scratch. They're unique in appearance, color, and texture. No two batches will hardly ever look the same. There are dozens upon dozens of different oil and butter combinations you can use to make cp soap. That's where the science of soap comes in. It can be dangerous because it involves the use of lye or sodium hydroxide. You must wear protective gear whenever making soap from scratch. You must never attempt to make soap from scratch with children or pets around (I'm not saying if you have children or pets, do not make cp soap. I'm saying, don't have them in the same area when making soap.)

Okay, I'm getting off my "soap box." I just had to put it out there that I believe mp is real soap, and that you have choices-not only as a soap maker, but a lover and buyer of soap. Now, go wash your ___________________.

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