Friday, September 12, 2008

This Weekend, I'm Chillin'

You know, sometimes you gotta sit back, sip on a Mike's Hard Limeade, and just.... CHILL! That means no blogging, no soap making, no candle making, no Etsying, no Twittering-nothing business related. I'm going to really, really, really try not to. In order for me to accomplish these things, that means I'm going to have to NOT turn on my laptop. OH-MY-GOODNESS! How am I going to survive? Well, my sister Myia is coming down from the NYC for the weekend, and she's going to do my hair. That'll take about two days because we talk and BS and partake of a few cocktails in between. I have a coupla paperbacks I've been meaning to read. I could clean out my cat's litter box.

Have a good weekend. Talk to ya'll on Monday! I'm turning off my laptop right about....NOW!!!

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