Monday, September 8, 2008



I love, love, love this scent! I love it better than plain Yuzu. It's the perfect blend of sweet and tart, and I actually like the way this turned out. I made this soap a day and a half ago, and it's still incredibly soft, hence the "smeared" appearance. I know I should have waited another day, but I couldn't contain my excitement. This soap is made with pomace olive oil, palm kernel oil, and castor oil. I can't wait for it to finish curing so I can christen it.

Tomorrow, I'll reveal another new soap. Stay tuned!


Joanna said...

Sounds enticing. I love the color combo!

savetheorangutan said...

Hi there,
may I suggest that until Certified Sustainable Palm Oil becomes available, that you avoid using palm oil in your soaps. You may want to have a look at or to discover how palm oil is threatening the survival of the orangutan.
Why not remove the palm oil and consider yourself "orangutan-friendly."