Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do You Twitter?

If you're an Internet junkie like myself, then you probably know what Twitter is. If not, click this link and get schooled. Basically it's a site where you literally talk about what you're doing at that very moment or what your immediate plans are. It can be very trivial or very detailed and specific. It's been touted as a way for friends to keep in touch, but I'm using it strictly as a networking tool. Frankly, who cares if I'm painting my toenails?

I've met some cool people who share similar interests, and I actually like reading what they're up to. The great thing about Twitter is, you can't ramble on and on. It's like, "Get to the point already." It's meant to give a brief synopsis if you will. I tweet about new stuff I'm making, new blog posts, interesting finds, etc. It seems a little silly at times, but people are following you. If you've had second thoughts about it, give it a shot. It's good exposure for your biz, your craft, or whatever your platform may be.

Follow me and check it out: http://twitter.com/crazycraftycool

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