Friday, April 3, 2009

Where Did All My Regular Features Go?

(Photo cred: Captain Camera)

I've been busy ya'll! I usually do my weekly regulars: Rhymes With and Art Fire Artisan Spotlight. I kinda lost my mojo a bit. Ok, I'm going to keep it real with you: I've just been plum lazy! Don't you just feel like not doing squat sometimes? Well, I'm in that kind of mode right now. I've barely been making any product or listing anything. I'm in my quarterly funk, lol.

I will resume Rhymes With next week, and I'm revamping my spotlight. They were so dang boring to me (and that's nothing against the artists. I really appreciate everyone's participation.) I'm going to make the interviews tailor-made now. I'm going to study the shop and the artist prior to submitting my interview questions, so the read is actually interesting.
I'll be contacting you, my dear followers, too for an interview soon so don't be surprised!


Pattie said...

Oh!! I know what you mean with exams and a pinch of stress, than having to think about what you are trying to get done and the end it is a burnt out :)

Laura said...

Sometimes I want to ignore my computer all together. Last night I shut it off at 6:00pm and left it off until morning. Lets just say I think before that it had been one for about a year.
I just read your profile "bio" or whatever blogger calls it. You made me laugh. I am a loner but not lonely too! Mt son say I am agoraphobic I say I am not it is just that so many people require more effort then I am willing to make. :) Come over to my blog and enter my giveaway maybe I will be sending you a box next.