Saturday, April 18, 2009

Score This Soap!

This week's score comes from 1000 Markets. I really like 1000 Markets. The site is so clean and professional-looking. This is not a knock on other sites I sell on, but this one is so soothing. I love the colors, the layout, and the market theme. Anyway, I decided to actually check out the soap scene there, and I stumbled across this gorgeous shop called Intentions. Their slogan is "Where heaven meets earth". I LOVE THIS SHOP! I am so envious of this soaper's skills. What I also love is that every soap is stamped with their company name. Simply gorgeous!

The soap I chose was full moon-reflect.

"It will send you. Really. No need to say anything else. Vetiver grabs you deep. You must just let go. Nothing, really, nothing, nothing else is needed to be said. Send me. Send you. "

Okay, I'm off to browse this shop some more. Don't be surprised if I buy some this weekend. I'm enamored.....


Audrey said...

That soap looks amazing!! Was at her shop - wonderful!

Samcalam said...

Just beautiful