Monday, April 20, 2009

What I Made Over The Weekend

Saturday was gorgeous! I spent half the morning standing in line at the post office mailing orders and the other half waiting in line at the car wash. But you know what? It was the most beautiful day so far this year, and I didn't mind at all. I even ran into my cousin whom I hadn't seen in about a year.
I did actually do some work. Paige, if you're reading this, I'll be shipping your goodies out before week's end. I finally cut the batch of soap I made last Thursday. It's called Sage & Citrus. I tried my darndest to neaten these up as best I could. They were still very soft. I made this batch with castor, soybean, coconut, and avocado oils along with cocoa butter. I botched the colors up, but it smells really nice.

Next I made more soap balls with some leftover cp soap scraps. Pictured are Italian granita ice, blackberry apple, and.....sage and citrus. These little buggers are the messiest thing to make. I got soap everywhere! I'll be debuting some new glycerin soaps this week also. My creative juices are finally flowing steadily again. Have you made anything new this past weekend? Please share-nosey, I mean, inquiring minds want to know!


Arnita said...

Cute soap! I didn't make anything this past weekend. Cleaning. Haha

Joy said...

This weekend I was working on a knitting pattern. Until I started actually writing the things down, I never knew how time-consuming they were! I think I spent more time photographing, writing, and laying out the pattern than it took me to knit two of each of the things in the pattern!

milk and cookeez said...

Looking good over here!
I made frosting (Soap)in the most amazing fragrance-it smells just like lemon poundcake-it's delectable! I also made chocolate buttercream frosting (soap). Im gearing up for my children's Fair on Sat so the tires are running. tonight I made 4 kinds of sweetie scrubz and tomorrow its cupcakz galore. Whew, Im tiring out-I hope I sell at the fair.