Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mother's Day Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Ever since my mom died over twelve years ago, Mother's Day has never been the same. To this day, I am so envious of anyone whose mother is still in their lives, and I tell those who are estranged from their mothers to make peace because once she's gone, she's gone. I miss my mama. I'd be a millionaire by now if she were alive because she would have marketed my little soaps so well, she'd have you thinking your life wasn't worth living if you didn't use my soaps!
Last year I didn't market or advertise at all for Mother's Day. I really lost out on that one, but this year, I'm being more proactive and starting early. I'm joining the Blog Fire carnival and I've bought an ad spot on the Mother's Day gift guide at Art Fire. Here are a few lovelies that would make great Mother's Day gifts:

Bubble Baubles

I Love You Rose Soap

Yarn Soap Trio


Webbielady said...

if i buy them, i wont use them as soap but as "ornament" for display. they are really amazing. How do you ship internationally?

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Hi Webbielady,

Thanks for the interest. I ship internationally via USPS.