Monday, October 20, 2008


(Pardon the flash-you don't need to see that part anyway!)

It's Monday, and I need a stiff drink! I was on a little vay-cay all last week, and I swear it aint worth it sometimes! I get back, and NONE of my work was even attempted to be completed. So much for teamwork (another day, a much longer post...)
We're having this major Halloween party at work, and everyone is expected to dress up in some type of buffoonery. Yay for making a total jackass of myself! Not to be outdone, I head on over to Target to pick up a little costumery, and there's nothing there that tickles my fancy. Being the crafty chick that I am, I decide to buy this little makeup kit. I'll do something with it. Goth girl? Gene Simmons? Draculina? The possibilities are endless. I spend ten bucks for the thing-no big deal. But...I get home and really read the packaging, and there's this warning sign:

"This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm."
HOLY SHIT!!!! I'm gonna birth defective babies if I wear this stuff??? Oh, wait. I live in the state of Maryland, so I'm safe! WHEW!!!! Seriously, why would you market a product to people knowing it contains lead and can cause birth defects? Is it me, or are the makers of this crap on meth?

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milk and cookeez said...

I almost bought that kit for my daughter-that's horrible! I cant believe they are marketing that as "family".
This world does not suprise me anymore!