Friday, October 17, 2008

The Soap Seduction Is on Simply Designed....

That sounds weird, but I'm going with it! I've been meaning to blog about this fab chick for months since we've started working together, but now I must! Jen Stuart who does all my graphics for my Etsy shop is the bomb! I'm always changing something at the last minute and calling on her and she always comes thru like a pro. Last night, I needed a banner ad for Wickedly Chic, and of course, I had nothing that I wanted to use, so I call Jen at the 11th hour, and voila, she hooked me up in a matter of minutes-literally. Check out her shop and her blog. I love people who get me without having to explain every detail.

Okay, enough kissing up, here's the piece on moi. Jen, you're check's in the mail. I mean, I'll be sending you the money via PayPal (wink.)

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