Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't Toss That Soap!

It's almost always certain that when I make cold processed soap, I have a few scraps left after I slice and neaten up the soap. Sometimes there are a few pieces left over, sometimes there are enough pieces it seems to make a whole bar of soap. These scraps are often not pretty. They're wrinkled or buckled, perhaps slightly off-colored, etc. So what can ya do with them besides tossing them? Hand roll them to make soap balls! The soap is still pretty pliable because you've just unmolded it, and it can be shaped into just about anything. I like soap balls because they're quick and easy. You don't need any special equipment except maybe a pair of gloves because it is messy and it's still raw soap.

You can roll your soap in different sizes, but I like to make mine uniform. Remember it's still raw soap, so you will want to let them cure as you would a normal bar. Package them up prettily in jars or plastic bags with ribbon, then sell or gift them. It's just a thought.....

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