Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Official: I'm A Soap Addict

I've always said this lightheartedly in other posts and forums, but I really think I have a problem. I'm always thinking of the next batch before the current one is finished. I actually toss and turn sometimes because I'm thinking of a new color combo or name or something related to soap. What is it about soap that's so addictive? Everything! Selecting the oils I want to use. Choosing a scent. Picking a color combo. Lining my mold-yes, lining my mold. Pouring the lye solution into my oils. Whizzing the soap in my batter bowl. Mixing my colors. Okay, you get it!

With that being said, here's my latest batch. I call it Yum. It's citrus-y. I wanted it to be more orange than pink, but I can't complain. It smells the bomb! I used the basics-palm, coconut, and olive. This time I added a little jojoba oil for fun. I like jojoba oil. It's thick though, so I'm hoping this bar kicks some major ash. Well, I'm off making my next batch. I call that one Night, Night. More details when it's done and cut.....

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