Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Say Hello To My Lil' Friends

I'm gearing up for the holiday season with a vengeance! I've made three batches of soap this weekend, and here is the latest addition to the fam. I haven't named this batch yet, but it's a delectable blend of sweet orange and clove. It's the perfect alternative to pumpkin (I'm not knocking pumpkin by any means!) This one reminds me of sweet potato pie filling. I've never wanted to bite into a soap as I do this one. So what's in it? It's got olive oil, palm kernel oil, Castor oil, and canola oil. I did not swirl this soap (I suck at swirling). This is just how it turned out. Can't wait til this one's ready!!!

1 comment:

milk and cookeez said...

It sounds and looks yummy. I amke an orange clove shea whip and orange clove fizy milk drop they are great sellersthey are selling quite well in my retail line. Good luck, maybe "something" pomander for a name-just an idea :)