Saturday, October 4, 2008

Give Me Soap or Give Me Death!!!!

Unless you make soap for hobby or sale, you will never understand the addiction. For me it's relaxing, gratifying, and mystifying all it one. It's relaxing because it truly takes my mind off my troubles. When I'm soaping, that's all I'm thinking about-well you kinda have to because you're dealing with some dangerous materials (lye.) I find it gratifying because there is a community of people who appreciate the art form (yeah, I said art form) of soap making and will only use real soap and not those commercial bars that are marketed as soap. Lastly, I find soap making mystifying because you never know how the end product is going to turn out (at least I don't). You can follow a recipe to the tee, and your FO can seize in your lye/oil mixture, your swirl or color goes haywire, and BLAMMO, it's all gone to sh*t.

Here's my latest batch, called The Blacker The Berry....It's a sweet/tart blend of black raspberry and vanilla. It's made with about 75% olive oil, and the rest is coconut and castor oil. It's not supposed to darken, but I know it probably will. It smells so dang good, I want to use it now. Well, I'm off to make my next batch-something rich and chocolate-y. Happy soap making!


milk and cookeez said...

Hi :)
I've just started following your blog and it's so much fun.
I am a changed woman and use handmade soaps exclusively. I still have a few of "those bars"-they are for guests, until I run out and then it's handmade for everyone. Thanks for doing what you do, Im a fan :)

The Crazy, Crafty Chick said...

thanks MC! I've been checking out ur site-delicious! i've marked that chocolate banana soap just for me!