Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Still Love You Wax, But You're Killing Me

I haven't blogged about a candle in ages. When I become obsessed with something, I tend to neglect everything else. I had to step away from the candle making because I'm a little frustrated. I'm learning to make pillar candles, but I'm having the darnedest time evening out the bottom of the candle after my second pour hardens. The candle is gorgeous on the top, but lopsided and uneven on the bottom. They smell great, but they're not sell-able.

So, I've been reading and studying and stewing in my own frustrations trying to make this thing work! So, I'm back to the drawing board. I'll be in the lab (a/k/a my kitchen) making another batch of pillars. I'll post pics in my next post. Til then, it's happy soap making for me!


Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

hang in there it took me many rounds of pillar mess ups before I got the hang of it. I just chunked or remelted all of those down and tried again. You should check out a book at called CANDLE MAKING by Bob Sherman. One of the best candle books I have ever seen.

just don't be afraid to experiment and if it doesn't come out keep trying.

The Soap Seduction said...

thanx for the tip! i've been looking for a good candle book:-D