Friday, June 12, 2009

Yikes, I've Been Tagged!

Thanks a lot Butterfly (wink, wink..) You know how this game works: Someone tags you. You have to give 7 random facts or tidbit about yourself. Then you tag 7 blogging friends. Here goes:

  1. I'm not a morning person.

  2. I cuss like a sailor.

  3. I'm silly as hell. I truly crack myself up!

  4. I'm menopausal (and I'm not even 40-go figure!)

  5. I like to paint my nails only to turn around and peel the polish right off.

  6. I love children's movies like Matilda and The Parent Trap (Li-Lo version)

  7. I can eat an entire bushel of crabs by myself-in one sitting!

Now that you know some personal and not so personal things about me, I'm tagging these buddies o' mine. Hope you read this:

  1. Structured Chaos

  2. Lenox Knits

  3. Pegasus Soaps

  4. All Naptural

  5. Barrs By The Bay

  6. Burnt Mill Candles and Soap

  7. Feathered Friends Mementos


Pattie said...

Thank You for tagging me :)

I like to paint and peel my nails too lol

Mindy said...

We have some things in common to. I cuss like a sailor, I crack myself up to, and I absolutley love your soap..

I was going to hord it till I went on vacation but I couldn't resist.

Lathers great, smells good, not drying at all, and I love that it's not hard as a rock.

Thanks again for picking my name for the soap, I think it fits perfectly.

Amina said...

LOL @ cussin like a sailor! And you crack me up too, that's part of the reason y I love following :)