Monday, June 29, 2009

Silky Smooth Shave Soap

You may or not remember an old post of mine called "Conceal Your Outer Sasquatch" where I touted my shaving soaps. They were okay, but they weren't anything to brag about. I can admit that now that I've made some vast improvements. I'm really getting into essential oils now. I love them, but I never quite know how to use them. I decided to give my shaving soaps a major makeover, this time scenting them with essential oils and adding the magic ingredient (IMO): bentonite clay. Bentonite clay has a grayish hue, and a fine, powdery, almost dusty, consistency. Whether you're using it in cold or hot processed soap or melt and pour (which I'm using for this soap), I find that using a teaspoon of clay per pound works best. I must really say that I am loving this soap! The clay gives the soap a smooth consistency thus providing a better razor slip. I've also been using this soap as a facial cleanser after working out, and again, I'm impressed. The clay acts as a sponge to absorb excess dirt and oil-just what I need after a hard workout with Leslie Sansone (yes, Leslie can kick your butt!) I love the aroma of my EO blends used to scent this soap (Patchouli and Orange). It's not overpowering, but subtly aromatic and a little sensual dare I say?! This dual-action soap is currently on rotation in my shower along with Citrus Bouquet and Honey Baby.

Up next: my first cold processed soap using only essential oils to scent the batch. Stay tuned....

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