Saturday, June 6, 2009

Score This Soap?

Yes, my friends, it's time for yet another score, and this time I was looking for something reallllly unusual. I think I've found it. It's called Tooth Savior Soap For Teeth by A Wild Soap Bar. Talk about a wild soap! This is a non-fluorinated (is that a word?) toothpaste. It's not even paste, It looks like shredded soap, and here's what's in it:

"certified organic extra virgin olive oil and enriched with wild white oak bark, organic aloe, french green clay, xylitol, chlorella and sea salt"

Here's how you use it:

"You simply place one (or even one half) soap shred on a back molar, bite down several times, and then brush thoroughly until the soap shred is gone."

Ohhhh-kay! I'm not sure I could do this. Sue me for selling out, but I can't even do plain baking soda. I'll do Tom's of Maine, but that's about as far as I'll go. What are your thoughts on this one?


soap bartender said...

This soap tastes better than you think! I give it a 10+! (of course, I would...I created the stuff!) Thanks for the feature! :o)

maggie,soap bartender

Runako Designs by Dee said...

I must admit, it's different. So what's the benefit of "it" over say Crest? And how clean will it get my teeth?

Anonymous said...

It's really good stuff. And since you asked, it's "floriDated" there are the chemicals "florine" and "floride." Floride is the one that they put in toothpaste and in drinking water. (Those evil Nazi scientist bastards -- no, I'm not crazy or using Nazi as a euphmism. Look it up.) But I don't use a tooth paste, I oil-pull instead.
I don't use a toothbrush any more either, because I find them unhygenic, harsh, and not effective, in contrast to what I use now, which is those asian skin scrub cloths.