Monday, June 8, 2009

My Latest Discovery: Black Rose

One of my earliest blog followers was a beautiful lady all the way across the pond named Val, better known as Black Rose. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't take notice of her fabulous shop until this blog post "Buttons Are A Girl's Best Friend." I'd seen button rings before, but these rings are wearable pieces of jewelry fashion. It's pieces like these that prove you don't have to spend a grip (aka a lot of money) to look cool, original, and fashionable.

I ordered two button rings on a Saturday, and I received them the following Saturday. Talk about quick! These are coming from London! When I received my order, my rings were beautifully wrapped in these adorable, little pastel boxes and tied with a ribbon. I almost didn't want to open them. And....I got a freebie! Who doesn't love freebies??? Give me something extra, and you've got a lifelong client!

Check out Val's shop on Etsy. My goal is to acquire 8 fingers worth of button rings (no thumbs) and wear them all at the same time. A bit much? Maybe, but I tend to overdo things sometimes.


jinx1764 said...

Cute rings!

Black Rose said...

Aaaw bless you Patrice - glad you like them!! I just ordered some soap from you and came along to check out your blog again as I'm now going to blog about your seductive yummy soaps!! Val (Black Rose) x