Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Supper: Vegetarian Chili Even A Doofus Could Make!

And when I say doofus, I'm referring to myself! I am no gourmet by any means, but I do make a mean spaghetti, a decent lasagna, an edible macaroni & beef bake (I'll do a little post on that one soon). Do you see a trend here? It's all pasta! Who can mess up pasta, right?

So, I scour all my favorite blogs daily to see what my blog idols are up to, and I happen across this entry from Door Sixteen called Soup For Lunches. I love Door Sixteen. It's classified as a design or home design blog, but I consider it more of a lifestyle blog. Anyway, one of the "soups" was this mouth-watering recipe for Vegetarian Chili. I am probably one of the biggest carnivores on the planet-the kind that has to have some kind of meat with just about every meal. I was very skeptical and intimidated by the ingredients. There weren't any complicated ingredients, but there were a lot of ingredients! I had about 3/4ths of them surprisingly. I did have to go to the Giant to pick up a few things, but my cousin Kellie and I were determined to make this chili because the chili looked so delicious, and we wanted to try at least one completely meatless dish.

My assessment: LOVES IT!!! It's the best chili I can remember having in a very long time. This recipe yields a huge pot!! You can easily have lunch for the entire week with this recipe. Pictured is my finished version. Does it not look delicious? Oh, the original recipe calls for Bulgar wheat which I could not find at the grocery store, but I substituted it with pearled barley, and let me tell you-absolutely scrumptious! Try it. You will love it! Take it from a gal who lives by the cow!

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