Monday, February 23, 2009

Does It Really Do That? A Product Review

I can honestly call myself a product junkie. I love to try the latest trends in beauty, and I was recently presented with an opportunity to try Smooth Away. I know you've seen the commercial. It's the one where you slip the little pad on your hand and rub all the unwanted hair away. I was really excited to try this one because I don't like waxing (it hurts like hell), I don't like shaving (not worth it if you're a Sasquatch like me), and I cannot stand Nair or Neet (stinks all to be damned!) We all know the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is..." Well, I hate to report that in this case, that saying holds true.

The premise of Smooth Away is that you rub this pad of super-granulated crystals in a circular motion over the areas where you have unwanted hair, and the hair is magically buffed away! The process is described on its site as easy, safe & painless. I found the process to be difficult, scary, and painful. I started off small-I wanted to get rid of my moustache (which just aint sexy on a chick). I must have rubbed my skin raw trying to remove the hair on my upper lip. When that didn't work, I moved to my legs thinking a bigger area with longer, thicker hair would be more successful. I did manage to remove a few hairs, but it took maximum effort and about 10 minutes of buffing my leg to an ashy shine. I immediately used the lotion provided with the hair removal pads to soothe my chaffed, still-hairy skin. The moisturizer is key to this product because you will definitely need it after using this product.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Smooth Away. It did not live up to the expectations it set forth in its ad. It requires maximum effort with minimal results. I do like the moisturizer though. I actually use it after I finish shaving which I've reverted back to. Check out the site and read the FAQ and make the decision for yourself.

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